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Poems about the Journey

And lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. (Psalms 27:11) And thou shalt bring in the table, and set in order the things that are to be set in order upon it; and thou shalt bring in the candlestick, and light the lamps thereof. (Exodus 40:4)

Nov 18, 1985

When in the valley of doubt and in the valley of pain

Reach out Lord and cleanse me again

When in the valley of woe

My faith is brought low but now I know

That you’ll wash me again.

Oh Lord I praise your holy name

and reach up to meet your hand

Because I know wherever I go

That you will be beside me

and I know that you’ll cleanse me again.

In this world of care no one meets you there

and it seems that you go it alone

In the world without hope you are lost to cope

seeking a way or a touch from a friend.

Look up and see the savior he’s waiting for you

to take a hold of his outstretched hand.

To lift you up into his arms and help you to stand.


There are No Words

I’ve been told.

there are No Words

to explain the pain

or the feel of rain

mixed with tears

on my cheeks.

Words tossed

left and right ,as if

they could be enough

to express the loss

of everything.

No words will

measure the cost

of standing in

cold rain

watching them fade away

puddles pushed left and right

as they go.



I find out that Nature compromises humans:

Gives us rods for black and white images,

and cones for color vision.

Human beings blessed with sight

keep their eyes closed.

Late night news on ABC says

Delta crashes killing 13.

The neighbor’s parrot squawks from his cage

while the sycamores gawk outside my

window like caught peeping toms.

I stare at the cracked ceiling tiles

wondering when the curled paint

will finally give up and fall in my face.

TV static mirrors the antique box fan in the window

sleep is stolen again

daybreak demands compliance.


Another Day

It’s another day

Will you want to remember the beginning?

I’ll never forget your smiles

the touch of your embrace

all of the idiosyncrasies of being a mother


If only the times had been different,

and there had been another way

to change the decision ….

flawed parents kicked you out of the nest

long before you were ready to go,

so, you fly.


Birthday Song; September 1 and 5, and January 30

I baked your cake like I’ve always done

since you came. It’s tradition.

You always licked the beaters before there were

germs that forbade it.

We christened each layer with chocolate

Your fingers made sure none escaped

the plate.

I still bake the cake and sing your song

that reminds me that tradition is not

to be taken lightly;

although the chocolate sneaks away

when I’m not watching now

without you here.

I baked your cake, tonight

three lit candles danced in tune.

I think about the giggles of chocolate glee,

the presents piled high around you,

and watch the lights fade as

paraffin puddles keep guard.


Advice on Joining the Human Race

Those in pain say welcome to this human race, but

don’t expect to be perfect, or do great things in this life.

Freedom and independence are rare commodities.

you have a choice between freedom and warmth

If you’re too shocked by the brilliance

of a delivery room welcome;

keep your eyes closed.

Have you ever thought babies cry too much when they

open their eyes for the first time?

Welcome to the human race

maybe you will be the one

who changes the direction.

If you’re lucky

Caretakers won’t destroy your youth.

I didn’t give up– I moved over.

Love crosses all boundaries.

It has no limits

It is abundant even when empty

I pray you are doing well.


Making Sense

I was falling into nothing; the sensation of falling

a fear that overtook me where I couldn’t breathe.

I thought I had it all together as I checked my

emotions at the door and wore the mask of normal.

Far from it, I’m afraid.

How do you fake being a childless mother?

Every child I saw, reminded me of what I had lost.

I decided to try to be with another’s child,

then, in the next moment, I hid away from all the joys

of children.

How will I cope with the new path in my journey?

Lord, please silence the screams in my head

as my soul cries out for the ones who gave

unconditional love and trust. They are in your hands.



When I pressed my nose against the glass

and looked at the other side

I wondered

what it’d be like to dance like that.

Instead, I’m separated by a cold hard pane

that fogs up when I sigh.

Sometimes, I wish I could just break the glass

but, I hesitate

hear the applause

imagine the warmth on their faces

against the spotlights

imitate their grand plie`.


September One

Michael the Intellectual

Michael always sits quietly

investigating the intricate

test pattern of a fly on his arm.

On my lap we contemplate the world

and all it’s injustices.

We agree that families should stay together.

We rock in the Boston rocker

until the night.


First Steps Apart

So, off they went to foster care,

I went to an empty house

families felt indifferent and helpless

Somewhere new parents

anticipated the joy of three children

were scared they wouldn’t be

family before Christmas,

and prayed for a miracle–

the three musketeers together,

that happened as God had planned.

But broken promises and tears

that fell when I couldn’t keep them,

consumed me as I studied their

faces on that last day.

I recognized Daddy’s China doll eyes

Innocent and hopeful, yet distant,

as they watched me fake

a trembling smile, and

imagined it was Mom’s gentle voice

that whispered the words

they said, goodbye.

We walk away from each other

I wait for one of us to turn around.


Grief: Such a Cliche`

After trying to go leaps

and bounds

failing every time

I realized there’s only

one way to build a new life

one step at the time.

Even the greatest adventure

begins with a single step.

Grief’s so Cliche`

In a world where so many

hurt for even less than this.

We try to avoid the fire

that’s designed to burn out

all of the impurities and

cause us to be fit for the master’s use.

On the other side there’s

those who ridicule and

frown pushing unwelcomed

advice about what they would

do if they were you, and

all the time you see in the

distance the fire prepared for you

and make your way to it

one determined step

at the time.

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